35mm Slide Scanning Service


Free Image Archiving Of Your Scans

Because there is always a chance of your slide show disks being damaged or for some reason becoming unreadable, we keep duplicate copies of your disks so that we can make a new duplicate for you if you need one in the future. We know that you never want to lose your precious photo memories and we offer our additional archival service to you at no extra charge. We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that your images are safe and available for restoration, if you should ever have that need.

We never want to have to scan and work a job more than one time so we have multiple computers making continual backups of our work as we go along. We also backup to our on-line image storage site. Backing up and archiving are very important things to be aware of at all times.

Our archive drives keep a continual backup of every job that goes through our computers. When one of our archival drives gets close to full, they are pulled from our backup computers and stored in a secure safe deposit box so that you can feel that, no matter what may happen to your CD or DVD disks, we are making all efforts to also protect and archive your images for you. We even have duplicates of our archive drives so that we never lose any of your precious scans.