35mm Slide Scanning Service


35mm Slide Scanning Service That Can't Be Beat

35mm To DVD Slide Show

You probably have many boxes of 35mm slides taking up precious storage space in your closet, attic, or maybe, and we hope not, your basement or garage. Nobody even looks at them anymore because it is just too hard to do it. Your 35mm slide projector is worn out and you know it would be foolish to even think about replacing it. Kodak doesn't even make slide projectors anymore. What are you gong to do with all those 35mm slides and 35mm slide carousels?

Why not get those precious, heirloom, 35mm slides, films and paper photos converted to digital format so that you can view all your precious family memories on your big screen TV?

slide scanning servicesNo matter who you are, you understand the significance of preserving your photo collection. Nobody wants to see their photos or 35mm slides deteriorate until they are virtually not viewable.

Unless someone makes the effort to preserve the 35mm slides and  photo collection the end result will be the same for all your photos: the trash can.

Free Sample Scan And DVD Slide Show Disk.

Our 35mm slides to DVD slide show scanning service will do a FREE sample scan of 10 of your 35mm slides and photos. They will also combine them into a DVD playable slide show so that you can see what your final results will look like. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain  by trying their service.

A Slide Scanning Service For Your Personal Slide & Photo Collection

Fortunately, a 35mm To DVD Slide Show can be created that will convert your 35mm slides and paper photos to digital format before they deteriorate any further. You can start your journey towards photo organization and preservation for just $25 for the first 50 photos or slides. The price per scan goes down from there depending on how many scans you need to have done.

Friends and relatives will get a kick out of the DVD photo show that you can play on your TV. Your 35mm To DVD Slide Show will be created as a beautiful photo show that can also play on your PC.

35mm Slide Scanning Service For Businesses

Our 35mm To DVD Slide Scanning Service isn't just for personal photo collections. Do you have a company that has presentation slides? You can have these 35mm slides converted to your own DVD photo show. If presentations are needed to be made, just take your DVD player along with you. Most DVD players are smaller and easier to operate than slide projectors. Most companies have a TV set that you will be able to hook your DVD player to and you can then play your DVD Photo Show presentation. You can also use our high resolution images for creating your PowerPoint presentations.

Our DVD Slide Show will  view your scanned images at very crisp and highly defined resolution even on your HD, large screen TV. Think of those little wallet pictures blown up to the size of a projection or Plasma  TV. That is what you are going to get we scan your slide with our service.

A 35mm To DVD Slide Show Will Preserve Your Photo Collection For Future Generations

Once you've completed an order form, all you need to do is send in your 35mm slides or photos. If you are having trouble coming up with some ideas or answers on your own, just pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email. Other 35mm slide scanning services cannot compete with our combination of low prices, high quality and added services that we include at no extra cost.