35mm Slide Scanning Service


Paper Photo Scanning & Slide Show Creation

Scanning Paper Photos

We can digitize your paper photos by Scanning them at 600 ppi. This is twice as high as they would need to be scanned but we do it at this resolution just in case you may want to make prints at larger than original size.

Paper Photo Slide Show

We will create a slide show for your Paper Photographs just the same as you would get if you have 35mm slides. Please note that we do not intermix Slide Scans with Photo Scans. They can be in the same "Show" or "Chapter" but we do not intermix them unless we charge extra. By that, we mean that we don't put paper photo scan #56 in-between 35mm slide scan #75 and #76. Intermixing takes a lot of extra time. We can make sure that slide scans and paper photo scans are all in the same "show" or folder on your disk at no extra charge but you will have to tell us to do that in your instructions. Some customers will label their slide and photo stacks so that we know that the stack 10a of the slides goes with stack 10b of the paper photos. Both 10a and 10b will be put in folder or "chapter" 10 of the slide show.