35mm Slide Scanning Service


35mm Slides Made Into Prints

Once we have scanned your 35mm slides, photos and other films, we can make prints for you. If you do scrapbooking, it is very difficult to put your slides into the scrapbook. We scan your 35mm slides and photos and make a DVD slide show disk that will also store your images. You can make your own prints from the disks or we can make your prints for you.

Current prices for making prints, after scanning, are: Each print: 4 x 6": $0.49; 5" x 7" prints: $1.49; 8 x 10" prints: $2.99; 10" x 15" prints: $5.99; Wallet Prints, sheet of 4: $1.50

Click here to get your slides made into prints.

Prints From 35mm Slides

Please realize that the quality of the prints that are made from your slides is going to depend on the sharpness and quality of the slide to start with. What you see on screen, with your projector, is not exactly what you will get on your print. Shadow areas tend to fill in when going from medium to medium. No transfer is perfect but our PhotoShop® technicians do a very good job of helping the scanned image to try to get the very best print possible.

Your prints from slides will never look the same as the original slides. They can't because the slides are viewed translucently with light showing "through the color films." This is a much more brilliant way to see the photos. Prints are viewed with reflected light. Your eyes see the colors by light being reflected off the printed photo. Some details and color get lost, slightly, in the process. It is a trade off. You get the prints which a lot of people can view without setting up a projector and you can also put them in photo album or in scrapbooks.
Click here to get your slides made into prints.